My Missionary Diary for Feb. 25th 1990

December 23, 2006

places servedplaces servedplaces servedSorry no intro on this one and I’m not even sure about the date it is under a listing for Feb. 25th, 1990 and its in the same ink so I assume it is the same. It is very much filled with the power of God to me so here goes ver batum,”…So I would like to write down what I feel is personal revelation to me. It came as I was praying, as I poured my soul out to God. I could see my personal situation. I am being flame tempered by the Lord. I am being stretched, bent and flame tempered into a strong sword. All the trials, feelings, emotions, sufferings and struggles – all these are forming me into a sword. Like as though I am heated metal and am being forged with a hammer. The forging process are the struggles and trials. I am being bent into the shape by the Blacksmith of the Universe. “


One Response to “My Missionary Diary for Feb. 25th 1990”

  1. brettkun Says:

    I like the I like the metaphor of God as the Blacksmith of the Universe. Refiners fire oxygen, high heat, carbon polymers.

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